About Constance

Dani Frank

Design/Trend Director 

"Constance was a true pleasure to work with at Frederick's of Hollywood. Her great attitude, and dedication to her job was an amazing asset to the company. Her creativity and on point style direction truly helped shape the new look of the company."

Pamela Lashall

Creative Art Director

"One of the easiest, most talented and personable stylists that I have had the honor to work with. It has since been a pleasure watching Constance's career take shape as she is a true example of leadership. Not only does she take her time to make sure that things are done flawlessly, but she also inspires others around her to take note and step up. Her quick-thinking, collaborative stance, trend-knowledge, and creative solutions have proved to be some of her most valuable assets. They say that a rising tide floats all boats, and that is true in the case of Constance. Any company/team would be happy to have Constance as she elevates the company, embraces challenges and encourages excellence."

Charlene Hailele-Griffin

Fashion Industry Executive

"Constance is organized, professional, thorough, reliable, composed - excellent traits that she utilized during various business climates. Constance will go far in her career and achieve all her goals because she is focused. Constance would be an asset to any company, especially one that is forward thinking with a high level of energy."

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